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Hello! I’m Mayank, and I’m the founder of Thrifty Software Private Limited. we are a Prototype Factory where we assist early-stage startups in developing scalable, cheap, and trustworthy MVP ( like Mobile applications, Web applications, PWAs, etc) The most challenging barrier for early-stage startups, particularly with non-technical founders, is the difficulty in developing the MVP out of their idea at an affordable price. With the help of this post, I will attempt to show how someone can create an affordable & scalable MVP. The solution is straightforward! Low-cost labor. If you want to reduce the cost of the product or service without changing the amount or quality of

With the increasing hype of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT & metaverse, now startups are moving from web2 towards web3. Thus increasing demand for the Crypto wallet. Still, people are confused between custodial wallet & non-custodial wallets. In this post, I will not be talking about the difference between custodial & non-custodial wallet, if you want to know the difference, read it here Here I will try to give you a design overview of a custodial wallet,  I will help you to see the architecture behind it, so that you can use this knowledge in building your own Custodial Wallet. What is Custodial Wallet