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Thriftycab – UI Kit for Cab booking, Taxi and Self Drive Car Renting Application

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Thrifty Cab! Flutter UI Kit for Cab booking, Taxi and Self Drive Renting Application

Thrifty Cab – This is a well-documented and coded UI kit for Online Cab booking / fleet Manager application,
which can be used as a Taxi booking application,Fleet Manager Application, Cab Booking app and
Self Drive Car Renting Application. It has more than 50 screens, widgets, empty states are given with different animations like Hero Animation,
fade-in, pop-up, slide, etc. you can customize it as per your requirement. there are two application Included with the UI Kit – User Application & Driver application
Since it is written in Flutter (Dart Language), so no need to write it separately for Android and IOS. The same code will be used for both platforms.
The same code is used for iOS and Android.

This UI Kit is built with Flutter 2.12, which is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google. It is used to
develop applications for Android and iOS.

Features of ThriftyCab Application

  1. Thrifty cab – Flutter App UI Kit can be connected easily with REST APIs or Firebase
  2. It can be customized to Fleet manager applications, Cab booking Applications, Self-drive Renting Applications, etc.
  3. Fully Responsive Screens
  4. Ready to use UI for Android & iOS
  5. It support Multilingual functionality, and hence can be translated into any language. just need to add a JSON File for the translation.
  6. Entities and Models are ready to use.
  7. Clean,organized and well documented Dart Language code.
  8. Easy to restyle and change theme, as we have used global themes
  9. Animations like Hero Animations,bounce and fade animations, Sliding and Swiping animations are integrated
  10. Support skeleton Screens

Screens Included in ThriftyCab UI Kit

1. User Application

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Login Screen
  3. Signup
  4. Reset Password
  5. OTP Verification
  6. Select Option – Self Drive / Taxi Booking
  7. Self Drive: Plan my Trip screen
  8. Self Drive: Vehicle List
  9. Self Drive: Vehicle Info Popup
  10. Self Drive: Vehicle Detail Page
  11. Self Drive: Booking Information
  12. Self Drive: Personal Detail
  13. Self Drive: Checkout Page
  14. Self Drive: Booking success screen
  15. Self Drive: Booking History
  16. Self Drive: Booking History – Popup
  17. Self Drive: Cancel Booking
  18. Self Drive: Update Booking
  19. Local Taxi Booking : Choose Pickup & Drop Location
  20. Local Taxi Booking : Confirm Location
  21. Local Taxi Booking : Choose your Cab
  22. Local Taxi Booking : Searching for Cab
  23. Local Taxi Booking : Driver & Cab Assigned
  24. Outstation Taxi Booking : Choose your Cab & Date
  25. Outstation Taxi Booking : Oneway & round Trip
  26. Outstation Taxi Booking : Checkout
  27. Taxi : Booking Detail Page
  28. Taxi : My Trips with Filters
  29. Post Review
  30. Report Issue
  31. View Report History
  32. Track Vehicle
  33. Account Section
  34. My Profile
  35. Edit Profile
  36. Change password
  37. Change Language
  38. Terms and Condition
  39. Privacy policy
  40. About Us
  41. Contact Us
  42. Logout-popup
  43. Empty State for No booking
  44. Empty State for No Vehicle
  45. Success Screen – For Post Feedback

2. Driver Application

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Login
  3. Reset Password
  4. Reset Password – Complete
  5. Upcoming Ride
  6. New Ride Popup
  7. Ride Detail Page
  8. Cancel Ride Popup
  9. Start Ride with OTP
  10. Complete ride
  11. Ride History Page with Filters
  12. Account Setting
  13. Profile Setting
  14. Personal information
  15. KYC Information
  16. Assigned Cab Detail
  17. Terms and Condition
  18. Privacy Policy
  19. Change password
  20. Logout

thriftycab backend